Argan Oil Is A Powerful Natural Moisturiser

Argan oil is a very effective oil with many uses. It is a natural moisturiser that is great for the skin, hair, and nails. Argan oil is derived from the kernels of the argan tree found in Morocco.The moisturising property of Argan oil is one of the many reasons why it is an effective beauty product, a must-have in every home. I have experienced first-hand the effectivity of Argan oil. I tried Green Esthetics’ Argan oil for almost 2 weeks which I use daily before I go to bed. I have a combination skin so I get dry skin towards the end of the day while I have a slightly oily skin condition during the day.I am very surprised to find see an improvement on my dry skin especially around the brow area and on my outer cheeks. As for the production of sebum, I noticed that even during the day, my skin is not very shiny and oily. That is a good sign!I have also noticed how smooth my skin is these days. I can apply this Argan oil around my eye area too to soften small, fine lines.My nails are also benefitting from this powerful natural moisturiser. I usually have hang nails because I have very dry skin. Since I have used this product, my hang nails are getting lesser and lesser each day.I have also tried it on my hair. I don’t have any split ends but my hair is a bit frizzy due to my curly locks, and the climate here in Dubai is not helpful. The humidity makes my hair more frizzy than usual, as if I have electrocuted myself. So, I put a small amount of Argan oil on my palm and rub it on my hair to make it sleek and frizz-free.

My findings:It is very effective. I think using one bottle is not enough to see the full extent of the power of Argan oil to help moisturise the skin, nails and hair. And because it is natural, you can be sure that it is free from harmful chemicals that will not only harm your system but also the environment.My recommendation:I give this my full recommendation because of its effect and the results I have seen on my skin and hair.Where to purchase:You can buy this from


Source:  It’s My Party blog