Product Information

How Longer Lash works?

The conditioning ingredients in Longer Lash make it work on the cellular level, transforming your lashes into longer, thicker lashes that are healthy and strong. For more details about how each ingredient works to help your eye lashes grow and thicken please refer to our  Ingredients page.  

How long Longer Lash Last?

Longer Lash will last between 6-9 months of daily use. Most competitors offer products of 2ml or 3ml instead of the 5ml bottles that we supply.

What is Longer Lash?

Longer Lash is an excellent growth serum for your eyelashes that is safe to use. It is a natural product with conditioners that help make your lashes longer, thicker and darker without the side-effects you may see with other products.

Product Use

How Longer Lash works?

Because Longer Lash is used only on the base of your eyelashes, it is safe to use with contact lenses and also safe for sensitive eyes.

How long Longer Lash Last?

Longer Lash is a natural, organic product that is designed to work with your natural lashes but it may be used in conjunction with eyelash extensions or mascara. We believe however, that you will have less desire to use extensions and even mascara after experiencing the results with Longer Lash.

What is Longer Lash?

Apply Longer Lash to the root of your lashes, on the skin right where you would normally apply eyeliner. Be sure to avoid the eye area. You may apply one to two times daily. You may apply make-up afterwards. See the insert with instructions for further details.

How Do I maintain my long lashes?

Use Longer Lash once a day for the first few weeks. If you do not experience much irritation and any irritation goes away after the first minute, then you may up the dosage to twice a day (once in the morning and once before bed).

How long before I see results?

You will start to see results within 3-4 weeks. Your lashes will appear thicker, longer and darker. Results will vary from person to person. Maximum results will be seen between 2-3 months with consistent use.

Products Safety

Are Longer Lash conditioners irritating?

Longer Lash conditioning serum contains natural and safe ingredients, however mild irritation can occur but only during the first minute while the product dries. This mild irritation stimulates the body to react and grow more hair for protection. We have not experienced any reports of redness or swelling of the eyes in our research and our product is even safe for contact lens wearers and those for sensitive eyes.

Are there any allergic reactions?

As with any other products you may purchase, there will be some people who will be allergic to one or more ingredients in our product. We strive to be a natural and organic as possible but you need to be responsible to check the ingredient list and make sure you are not allergic to any of the products listed.

Is Longer Lash safe during pregnancy or breast feeding?

We recommend you consult with your physician before using any new product such as this while pregnant or breast feeding.

Is Longer Lash safe for Chemo patients?

Yes, Longer Lash is safe for Chemo patients. As with all products, results may vary.

My eyes are irritated, itchy or red from the product, what should I do?

The skin around your eyes is very sensitive. Some people may be more sensitive than others to the ingredients in our products. This may cause some itching and redness. If this occurs, discontinue use, at least temporarily until the symptoms have resolved. If you have a serious reaction, please see your healthcare provider.

Will it irritate my eyes?

We have created our product to be as gentle and natural as possible. For some people however, this product can cause mild discomfort, especially if applied incorrectly. It will not harm your eyes though. Be sure to apply to the lash line on your upper and lower eyelid. If irritation continues, discontinue use and consult a healthcare provider.

Will Longer Lash cause skin discoloration when I apply it & if so, should I be concerned?

After prolonged use of this product, there may be a slightly darkened area along the lash line. This will fade when you discontinue use of the product.

Will Longer Lash change my eye color?

We have not had any negative results such as eye color changes (like seen with competitor’s products like Latisse) in our testing and research of Longer Lash products.