Longer Lash Review

… I love a good before and after photo. After 2 weeks using this growth serum you will start to see results. I was really noticing that my lashes were getting fuller and pronounced by 4 weeks. I wanted to get this post up before the holidays since it’s a great gift idea so you will have to wait to see what my lashes are looking like by the 6-8 week mark… 

Longer Lash Serum Without Prostaglandin

I think I first heard about lash growth serum about four years ago. I’ve never been challenged in the lash department (count your privileges), but I know that a lot of people are frustrated about their (lack of) natural lash-resources. Mascara can only do so much if you don’t have a lot to work with, and no one has time to put on falsies every single day. 

Nourish Dry Winter Hands

Winter comes and the skin does its best to protect itself, but we’ve all been there… painful, dry, cracked hands.

What can we do to nourish them in a way that’s long-lasting?

Using a hand cream can work for a matter of hours to minutes at a time. Replenishing oils is the only way to get down past the first layer of skin. Drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin hydrated. Consuming enough liquids during the day in the winter is just as important as getting your fluids in the warmer months.

Green Esthetics Argan Oil For Massive Beauty Benefits!

I, like you, have read and heard a lot about breakthrough natural products. When folks start touting the benefits of these natural products, I tend to be a tad skeptical because I think it must be the newest fad! I think that it will be here for a time, and not be talked about much after the next fad arrives. There have been a few things, however, that have come and stayed because of legitimate benefits.

Rebuild Your Eyebrows, Enhance The Eyelashes

The good people at   Green Esthetics (  @GreenEsthetics) offered me the opportunity to review a product of my choice, so I was very excited to grab a sample of   Longer Lash, an eyelash growth solution, which combines oils and nutrients to encourage lash growth. 

Lightweight Liquid Gold

Here’s a tip your hair is going to love me for…argan oil. This “liquid gold” product is often used to treat skin, hair, and fingernails – totally a multi-use product. Lately, I have been using the argan oil from the brand Green Esthetics to help give extra moisture that’s being pulled out by color treatment. All you need is 1-2 pumps and you can moisturize your entire head of hair.