From radiant skin to shiny hair & strong nails

Using natural and organic beauty products & skin care is becoming very popular every year as more and more people switch to healthier options and pay attention to the labels and ingredients. We are not obsessed with organic-only products but every time when we shop we try to consider greener options, what is better for our health. I like when I can find quality organic products on the market which do not cost a fortune and fit our lifestyle.

Green Esthetics Argan Oil is USDA certified organic product, sometimes called golden elixir because of its amazing abilities to moisturize, soften and hydrate. Argan Oil is a completely natural moisturizer and treatment for skin, hair and nails. It is produced from the Argan nut of the Argan tree which grows only in Southwestern Morocco. Argan Oil has so many benefits to nourish and protect your body that I noticed the difference from the first use. It is great for skin as the oil moisturizes using the fatty acids and brings natural glow. Argan Oil hydrates and soothes irritations of the skin caused by weather, pollution, sun exposure, as well as wind and cold – so typical for our Canadian winter. That’s why I like this elixir. 

How my hair looks after using Green Esthetics Argan Oil

Argan Oil fortifies the nails and cuticles, moisturizes dry hands affected by eczema and other skin irritations. Just few drops are enough to make you face glow and shine. I love using  Argan Oil on my hair, because it works like a magic. Argan Oil brings shine and strength, makes hair look healthy and mends split ends. The oil can be used to moisturize the scalp if extra care is needed for dryness and dandruff. The best thing is to use a few drops, even for my long hair couple drops are enough to bring shine and style.

Argan Oil is a miracle treatment from head to toes, and should be in our beauty arsenal for everyday use, especially when it is pretty affordable. Green Esthetics Argan Oil price is $16.95 for 15ml and you need just a few drops to make a difference in your look. 


Source:  Teddy Out Ready blog